Social Media Intern


0+ years

Are you the first of your friends to 'swipe right' on the newest social media app? Do you double tap until your fingers feel numb? Do you speak in 140 character bursts?

If so, we're looking for you to help our social team find fresh new ways to give our partner brands a distinctive voice in social. You’ll also get to geek out on compiling content calendars, analyzing post data and digging into insights that will keep our social game on point.

Here's What We Offer

  1. An opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Community Management
  2. Participation on real client work including sitting in on creative briefings, strategy sessions and client calls, and brainstorms.
  3. A chance to pull, sort, and analyze data that informs strategy.
  4. Experience with influencer and press outreach.
  5. College credit. Although this is an unpaid program.
  6. For interns over 21, two kegerators and five rotating beers, none of which are ever Bud Light, much to Steve O'Connell's dismay.

Here's what we expect

  1. For you to work hard.
  2. To push yourself beyond what you though you could do.
  3. To be respectful to everyone here.
  4. To jump into assignments with both feet.
  5. To be just as energetic if the assignment is a little less shiny.
  6. To enjoy the hell out of your time here.


We’re Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners, an ad agency that always strives to be honest and true, cool under pressure, resourceful and tough with an appropriately proportioned soft spot. Colorful, serious when necessary, funny when called for, sentimental sometimes, shit-kickingly competitive all the time and profoundly plain and simple by nature. Always ready to ride in and save the day. Passionate and opinionated yet collaborative and with out conceit. Curious. Prompt. Courteous. Prepared. Willing to trust guts and fly by a pant's seat. Driven by ideas, belief in principles, good food, and well-aged single malt scotch. Shitheads need not apply.